Edgy Wedding Dresses

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For all brides out there looking for a fabulously original and funky type of wedding dress perhaps these styles and designs we’re presenting you here on this page will make a great source of inspiration. These wonderful pieces we’re proposing you are signed by a genius bridal couturier named Alexis Mabille and those of you who are interested in seeing more of these remarkable pieces can always access this designer’s official website and look for the newest 2011 bridal collection made for the spring season.

We must admit we are curious to find out what your own opinions and thoughts are on these special gowns hopefully you won’t be too drastic or dismissing in this regard. We honestly think that these incredibly chic and fashionable edgy wedding dresses here are really not for everybody, or more precisely said not really for traditional or conservative brides who are planning something totally decent, modest or simply classic. Although the lines and the cuts are quite clean and simple, these dresses are not meant to fit the conventional type of brides who are planning a reasonable, quite and unassuming type of look for the big day.

Edgy Wedding Dresses

Edgy Wedding Dress from weddinginspirasi.com

These haute couture wedding gowns are made especially for the contemporary brides who are up to a more whimsical and unusual flattering look. Only off the beat brides who are interested in looking unique, original and different from other brides at their wedding will surely find these pieces amazingly fitted, attractive and appropriate for the type of wedding ceremony and reception they’re planning.

Edgy Wedding Dresses

Edgy Wedding Dress from weddinginspirasi.com

If we are to say a few words of the type of reception one should plan in order to be able to wear one of these edgy wedding dresses perfectly, we would mention the formal, dramatic and the casual types of weddings. Destination brides who are going on a luxurious, fancy and casual cozy beach or island wedding should definitely consider one of these unconventional styles.

Edgy Wedding Dresses

Edgy Wedding Dress from weddinginspirasi.com

There is no doubt that the sheath silhouettes, the light-weight fabrics, the ethereal feel and delicate feminine accents, details and embellishments made for these dresses will be able to create the perfect casual beach bridal look! We do believe that these pieces here can fit perfectly the modern destination bride who is looking for something relatively comfy, practical, easy to wear and very coquette or refined. However, we must admit that due to the bold cuts, the funky and surprisingly sensual designs, these edgy wedding dresses designed by Alexis Mabille are meant to fit and flatter only the contemporary vanguardist type of bride.

Edgy Wedding Dresses

Edgy Wedding Dresses from weddinginspirasi.com

No one can deny the fact that her dresses are totally original, different from what we get to see in other designer’s bridal collections, incredibly fashionable and less popular or less conservative. We love the split style necklines, the chic and elegant white gloves, the long sheer sleeved styles and the caftan inspired silhouettes. We invite you to browse for more unusual or whimsically romantic haute couture wedding dresses made by various more or less famous fashion designers on our website.1

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