Dinner Prayer For 50th Wedding Anniversary

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Each one of your wedding anniversaries deserves to be celebrated, so you should never forget to organize a little get-together. That get-together should be more complex especially when it comes to celebrating an impressive number of years together. 50 seems like a good number because not all couples have the chance to spend half a century together. That unique kind of situation definitely deserves a unique kind of celebration that can remind you of the good old times.

Dinner Prayer For 50th Wedding Anniversary

Dinner Prayer For 50th Wedding Anniversary (Photo by: bnilsen)

This 50th wedding anniversary also carries some religious significance. For instance, most Catholic couples that reach this point of their relationship take interest in organizing a vow renewal ceremony. In addition, if you are a religious couple you should also ask one of your closest friends or family members to deliver a special type of prayer at the dinner that you will most likely organize. It’s true that when it comes to prayers we tend to choose to think on the spot because we know that the right words will always come to us. However, considering that we are talking about such a special occasion it would definitely be wise to think things through before agreeing to a certain type of prayer. Otherwise the one delivering the prayer may become unable to find his/her words due to the emotion of the event.

So, if you’ve decided that planning a little ahead doesn’t hurt, you should know that the dinner prayer fit for a 50th wedding anniversary should be about honoring God and thanking divinity for the beautiful relationship that you have had the chance to enjoy for half a century now. You should also use the prayer in order to highlight the love that kept you together and the tenderness and loyalty that helped you to stick together even through some of the worst moments of your life. This 50th wedding anniversary is a time to acknowledge the good as well as the bad and thank God for all those positive qualities that made it you capable of dealing with both the happiness and the sadness in your life. You should also reserve a few sentences for your future wishes. Be honest about your faults and ask for the type of strength that will help you to age as beautifully as until now, still as in love as the day you got married. When people have the ability to love with such intensity what can they ask more from God?

Dinner Prayer For 50th Wedding Anniversary

Dinner Prayer For 50th Wedding Anniversary (Photo by: Allan Henderson)

If you’ve been blessed with children and grandchildren you should also use this 50th wedding anniversary dinner prayer for the purpose of thanking God for the those beautiful gifts in your life that have helped keep your love so strong. If you manage to capture such a message in your words, then the prayer will manage to be as emotional and simple as you wanted it to be. In this case it’s definitely not wise to simply use a prayer that you can find on the Internet because no one can summarize your life experience better than yourself. That’s what makes the prayer special.


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