Diaphanous Wedding Dresses

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Are you planning on having a stunning sophisticated and yet refined, feminine and dainty bridal look on your wedding day? Then it’s a must to check out these gorgeous diaphanous wedding dresses that you can see in the following images. These masterpieces are created by Krikor Jabotian – a young fashion wedding dress designer from Beirut. Any modern bride who wants the perfect dream fairy-tale voluminous wedding dress for her special day should take her time when exploring the newest 2010 haute couture collection created and presented by Krikor.

These gowns are simply spectacular and breath-taking through their fascinating refined designs and all their magical airy embroideries and breezy ethereal fabrics. We are happy to present you these models of wedding dresses that are actually inspired by pure art and that you can actually choose for your own wedding. Every bride – regardless of her age, social status or physical constitution or figure should invest more in her look for the big day when she will have to make that stunning statement that we all dream of.

Choose to be and look differently ravishing and charming with one of these fabulous diaphanous wedding dresses made by Krikor. If you want to feel like a chic floating bride you should definitely choose to wear one of these diaphanous wedding dresses made up of cloud of fabrics arranged in unconventional designs and styles.

The most popular types of materials that Krikor uses in creating these amazingly refined, soft and light weight dresses are tulle and lace. You can only imagine how comfortable and gorgeous you can feel in these fascinating diaphanous wedding dresses! The voluminous bridal silhouette is coming back into fashion and these gowns are the most accurate and modern expression of the new type of ideal silhouette for the contemporary bride. For casual commodious and chic stylish weddings taking place on beaches, in parks, in gardens,on islands or even in the case of more fancy venues, these gowns can really make a great selection.

Bohemian or hippie brides can choose from different types of cozy and colorfuldiaphanous wedding dresses. This nonchalant independent attitude of the modern bride will certainly be proven by wearing these extraordinary couture dresses. You can find lots of unique creamy white, ivory, blush pink, chalk, champagne, dusky pale pink, beige, gold or gray diaphanous wedding dresses .

Romantic brides can opt for a feminine pale pink diaphanous wedding dress whereas cosmopolitan brides willing to try something more colorful and unconventional can opt for a spectacular gold or gray diaphanous wedding dress. The layers or whimsy ruffles look great and give the bride a nice feeling and a fairy-like sense of art, femininity and fantasy.1

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