Decorating The Ceiling For A Wedding Reception

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Your wedding reception has to be dressed up from head to toe, this includes the ceiling as well. Adding decorations will help soften the reception area and will also create a more intimate space for everyone. There are plenty of interesting ceiling decorations one can choose from. They can accommodate the concept of any wedding.

You can start by using canopies. They work for indoor and outdoor receptions. You can put together these decorations yourself just by using any sheer fabric and draping them from the ceiling. Use them on their own, or use extra adornments such as lights. There are other types of ornaments you can hang from the ceiling.  If you’re good at making paper crafts, start working on them as soon as possible. Saving money is always a good thing, especially when it comes down to planning such a sumptuous and costly event like a wedding. You can also hang topiaries made out of flowers, or even paper flowers for a less costly décor.

Decorating The Ceiling For A Wedding Reception

Decorating The Ceiling For A Wedding Reception (Photo by:

You can also make butterflies, leaves, snowflakes, or funny looking figurines out of paper. Match butterflies and flowers, star and moon elements or whatever other elements work for your wedding theme. Don’t forget to add color to these ornaments and personalize them the best you can. If these high costs are a main concern for you and your groom, try renting these decorations. Look for any original pieces that draw your attention and are budget friendly. You can use topiaries with greenery, topiaries made entirely out of greenery or even fruits. Think outside the box and don’t limit these decorations to just floral elements. Flower garlands can also be hanged from the ceiling and they can enhance any seasonal theme, whether is a summer or a fall one. Remember the color combos you opt for can really make these adornments pop. Try layering them over various types of fabrics to give them a more striking aspect. The more complicated you want to make these hanging adornments, the more intrigued the guests will be. It doesn’t have to be all that complex, it just has to look like you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into them.

Lighting can also enhance the romantic theme of your wedding. If you’re thinking of using a dim effect for the indoor venue , candles and strings of lights are the perfect addition. These strings of lights can also be combined with some tulle canopies to create that soft lighting effect. For outdoor venues, you can add the lights on tree trunks and go for that fairytale note. This will look stunning in a garden venue or a park. This all depends on the venue. If you wish to decorate the ceremony area as well, have a talk with the administrator and see what are the policies concerning this aspect. The weather conditions also count, especially if you want to add ceiling decorations on an outdoor locale. Whatever you decide to hang and combine, make sure they are safely pinned to the ceiling.

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