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All women are interested in their appearance and especially in the cloths they wear every day. When it comes to brides and wedding dresses, things are quite similar.

But since each woman or bride is different in its own way, their vision of the perfect wedding dress or of the perfect bridal look is different from case to case. We are here to encourage every bride to follow her own style, her own sense of fashion, aesthetics and elegance and plan her bridal look according to these essential aspects or points of view.

It would be hard to define the perfect wedding dress because each bride envisions it in a certain way and in most cases it is not similar to the way in which any other bride imagines it. So, if your personal style is a little bit unconventional or more unusual, perhaps you should find a way to just follow your heart and choose a wedding dress that is not very traditional or formal as long as this is what you want. On the other hand, if you consider yourself to be a bride who likes to follow the tradition and plan a “standard” wedding then you could choose a popular elegant wedding dress.

In this article we are going to speak about decent wedding dresses and the exact type of brides who might be interested in this style. When we say “decent” we mean simple and clean, nice and pretty, elegant and unsophisticated, natural and pure, light-weight and easy-going, formal and modest, respectable and discreet, plain and quiet. You don’t have to pursuit a wedding dress that’s too extravagant and too pompous in order to look feminine, dainty, chic and stylish on the big day.

The contrary! We believe that choosing to be simple and refined represents the proper way in which to obtain a great bridal look! But even so, these are only few suggestions given to us by specialists in this field or by wedding dress designers, who seem to create more and more gorgeous wedding dresses that present all sorts of embroideries and simple chic discreet lines and cuts.

If you want to follow the latest trends in wedding dresses and modern bridal looks perhaps you should opt for a decent wedding dress made form modern fabrics and adorned in a simplistic yet eye-catchy way with contemporary embroideries.

A few centuries ago, the meaning of “decent” in wedding dresses was closely related to that dramatic, rigorous and yet pompous appearance of the bride wearing a full skirt floor length ball wedding gown that included a corset, a highneck dress style or long sleeved wedding gowns.

This is why some modern brides might still have those types of wedding dresses in their mind when thinking about the word “decent” and simply refuse to adopt another style in what concerns the wedding gown that they want to wear on their wedding day.1

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