De La Cierva And Nicolas Wedding Dresses

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The Hispanic bridal style is still favored by the contemporary brides. No one can deny or combat the vibrancy, the boldness and the sensuality proposed by a Spanish couture wedding dress. However, there are still many brides who dislike the qualities of a a Spanish wedding dress. Anyway, we are here today to offer you a different side of the Spanish bridal style, one that’s more ancient and original.

The dresses we’re presenting here are made by De la Cierva & Nicolas and they are dedicated to all  the modern brides who want something fit for a queen for their wedding. The royal flair emanated by these gowns is definitely not one that’s very common or popular nowadays on the market. In fact, the pompous and pretentious bridal style is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea. But the fabulous dress masterpieces we’re presenting here are more than fancy designs. They have a rich historical background that might captivate the attention of those who are interested in these things.

Princess Bride Characters (Source: 

De la Cierva and Nicolas Wedding Dresses (Source:

These De la Cierva & Nicolas wedding dresses we’re showing on this page are actually inspired by the Byzantium style and this is how one could explain their exquisite elegance and ancient romantic vibe. The artistic architectural style proposed by these gowns is inspired from the Roman and Greek ancient style and culture and this is why these creations look so imperial and outstanding. However, as we can see in these images, there are a few styles that look more bohemian than royal. This is due to the fact that Dolores Nicolas – the designer who’s responsible for this fabulous collection has used only organic fabrics.

Princess Bride Characters (Source: 

De la Cierva and Nicolas Wedding Dresses (Source:

So we have a royal collection of ancient wedding dresses that can provide the bride with a fancy natural look. Isn’t that something totally new and mind-blowing? We find these pieces extremely unique and distinctive through their simple and natural elegance and also through their old cuts and lavish ruffles. The royal families are perhaps  part of the target of this bridal company’s creations.

Princess Bride Characters (Source: 

De la Cierva and Nicolas Wedding Dresses


Although the Byzantium style can be defined through the excess of details, ornaments and luxurious patterns, these dresses are not that rich. They do feature original details and dazzling accents but they are subtle and discreet. We like the fact that these impressive dresses don’t look pompous or too elaborated to be worn by a simple classical bride. The free creativity, the nonchalant vibe and the freshness of the design are the central points of attraction regarding these dress masterpieces.

Princess Bride Characters (Source: 

De la Cierva and Nicolas Wedding Dresses


The bride can discover few features that make these dresses distinctive and one of a kind: evases lines, contrasted volumes, hybrid sleeves, asymmetric neck and cross cuts, uneven skirts, puffed bottoms and multiple tulle overlays and layers. Abundant and never symmetrical or predictable, these pieces are off any clichés or standard designs. They are like the magic potion that an off the beat bride who is eager to find something truly unique dreams of wearing on her wedding day.


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