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Brides and grooms who want to keep the pace with the ultimate trends & tendencies in weddings and wedding cakes might want to see the gorgeous cupcakes we’re showing today. The cupcake design is one of the hottest right now in both modern and vintage weddings. Many couples are following this style and even more are thinking of adopting it for their own party.

We brought here a few samples of bride & groom cupcakes designed exclusively for wedding reception. This approach is great for those who want to use their icons as principal motifs throughout the wedding. The bride and groom symbol or figurines are very popular and ideal for classic themes. No matter the design you choose, your cupcakes will look fabulous!

Cupcake Bride And Groom (Source:

Cupcake Bride And Groom (Source:

It’s hip to use many colors, flavors and shapes for these cute delicacies, but it’s more adequate to make them fit your wedding style. But what is a cupcake? It is a smaller version of a bigger cake or a little muffin filled with cream. The cupcakes can come in various sizes and designs, but the most popular are the little ones with one or two tiers. In many cases the cupcakes are used among mini cakes or individual small cakes. They can be arranged on the same table and form a generous buffet for the wedding.

Cupcake Bride And Groom (Source:

Cupcake Bride And Groom (Source:

Many newlyweds also decide to display the cake on the same dessert table and create a more appetizing and luxurious attraction for the wedding. The cake can follow the design, theme and coloring of the cute dessert or be totally different. But in most cases, the cake is a bigger version of the cupcakes or mini cakes. We should also tell you that the tiered confections are being replaced by the one or two-tiered cakes.

Cupcake Bride And Groom (Source:

Cupcake Bride And Groom (Source:

These are more modern alternatives for those who want a contemporary reception and a more fashionable cake ceremony. The cupcake towers are also in big trendy nowadays and they can be used instead of the big traditional layered cake. Cupcakes are versatile and they can be made in a myriad of colors, aromas, designs and decorations. Color is very important when we’re talking about wedding food and desserts.

Cupcake Bride And Groom (Source:

Cupcake Bride And Groom (Source:

The exterior aspect is also essential. Even if you’re using a bride & groom theme for the cupcakes you can still use a little bit of diversity for the design. There are many ways in which you can capture the individuality of the bride and groom. Check out these pictures and see whether you can find a design to like.

Cupcake Bride And Groom (Source:

Cupcake Bride And Groom (Source:

Cupcakes are all the range and it would be a shame to ignore them. They have multiple usages in a wedding as one can use them as wedding desserts, as wedding favors, as table centerpieces or décor arrangements. They are chic & trendy and cost-effective. Many thrifty couples like to use cupcakes for their wedding because they make a fine economical solution. If you want to reduce the wedding expenses even more, make your own cupcakes and use your own vision!


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