Country Wedding Theme

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Some couples dream of a chic and elegant wedding ceremony and reception, but others are satisfied with the country style. This can make them feel more comfortable, allows them to create an intimate and warm atmosphere and to wear casual attire. They may choose as locations their own garden and develop a country style there or can opt for a barn, old lodge or farm.

The couples can establish a country wedding theme and then relate everything to this style. Some may want to preserve the elegance of the attire and to wear formal cloths, but others aren’t very interested in this aspect and prefer the simple western-inspired style, which includes boots and cowboy hats.

Country Wedding (Source: 

Country Wedding (Source:

There are two possibilities and each couple can choose the preferred style and that which matches the personality of the bride and groom. Same as with any wedding theme, the couple can stick to it and include elements which make one think of it in all the stages of the reception and ceremony, or they can slightly suggest it and mainly though decorations, leaving the attire to be as formal or unique as they like it to be. Some couples may opt for full-length wedding dresses and for tuxedos, even though the wedding is supposed to represent the country style, but others prefer the simplicity of western-inspired attire. The groom can wear black pants and a black western-style shirt or can be dressed in denim pieces of clothing. Usually, when adopting this style the cowboy hat and the boots are a must. The bride can be beautiful and yet she can have a casual style with a simple corset dress or one with embroidered lace. The length is her option and this usually is related to how casual she desires her look to be, how casual the groom is dressed and also the decision is taken after analyzing the body shape, as some lengths aren’t appropriate for all body shapes. Cap sleeves are a nice addition, as well as a duster train. For those brides who want to look exquisite in the wedding dress, but they still want to preserve the simple style, they can opt for an embroidered lace gown with a long cathedral train. It might seem unusual considering the theme, but this style is connected with country-themed weddings.

Country Bride (Source: 

Country Wedding (Source:

A bride who has decided for a country-style wedding surely loves nature and wants the wedding to include centerpieces which look amazing and impress through their simple and natural look. Seasonal flowers are perfect centerpieces if they are placed in ceramic vases and seasonal fruits are a nice addition as long as you choose the right containers, wooden baskets being one example. As for wedding favors, the bride can beneficiate from the help of her bridesmaids and can make jams or if she has the possibility she can offer jars of honey. Baked cookies are also perfect wedding favors and the good news is that they can be left without any icing or decorations, as in this way they will look very natural and appropriate for the theme.


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