Contemporary Wedding Rings

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2010 couples have a myriad of new styles, new designs, stones, cuts, patterns, settings, metals and colors available in contemporary wedding rings to choose from. Not all the brides and the grooms of the moment are passionate about the antique era and are looking for vintage inspired wedding ring sets. There is a vast majority of the modern couples who are planning on wearing modern wedding rings.

There are so many unique designs too choose from, without worrying that you might sacrifice the classic style or a certain tradition, that a couple can easily fall in love with the contemporary style that manages to combine, somehow, the classic style with the modern one.

The novelty in contemporary wedding rings of 2010 is that they are meant to suit a bride and a groom with a bold character and with the need of looking unique and differentiated from the rest of the couples. The individualized or the personalized wedding ring styles are the ones that seem to set the trends at this moment. One can find both simple classic contemporary wedding rings and more elaborated, intricate and detailed contemporary wedding rings accentuated with all kinds of gemstone or diamond accessories.

The main features of contemporary wedding rings refer to new metal alloys, unconventional or unusual diamond shapes, unique stone cuts, intricate whimsical scroll work details and surprising color combination possibilities.

Among the most popular types of contemporary wedding rings are those that appear as unique alternatives to diamond wedding rings. Gemstones like sapphires, cubic Zirconia, Moissanite or rare stones like Tanzanite are only a few examples of beautiful and gorgeous gemstone contemporary wedding rings meant to replace somehow the usual diamond wedding ring.

All these stones are recognized for their high quality and that is why there are accepted as diamond alternatives. Among the most popular settings for contemporary wedding rings are the three stone wedding rings. Nowadays, even the metal band is beautified with all kinds of stone accents, while the traditional conventional rings still feature simple plain bands.

As for the most popular types of metals seen in contemporary wedding rings, multi-toned metal weddings rings like mokume gane wedding rings or Celtic wedding rings are the best example.

Tungsten wedding rings as well as titanium weddings rings are quite hot and trendy, becoming more and more popular especially among modern grooms. Wedding rings with pave settings, with half-bezel partial setting or with invisible settings are also in trend. The main purpose of these settings is to make the gem look more eye-catching because of the suspended above the band look. External engraved wedding rings as well as symbol scroll work wedding rings featuring all kinds of hearts or flowers are also part of contemporary wedding ring styles.1

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2 Responses to Contemporary Wedding Rings

  1. Nora says:

    Awful! These rings have absolutely no style and no personality. It’s like some cheap junk you bought at the supermarket!

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  2. Gina Blossom says:

    Oh yes, there rings will sure make you look unique all right! I wonder what is the size of the hands of a bride who is suitable for wearing the second ring.

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