Colors Of A Modern Fall Wedding

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The colors proposed for modern autumn weddings are very rich and unexpected, especially compared to the ones featured in traditional events. Those who are having an early fall wedding can still use some of the most beautiful summertime shades. You can mix them with golden tones to create a warmer and more inviting atmosphere for you and your guests. The fun of summer shades and the rusty foliage of autumn form a lovely color mix for a modern fall wedding.

You can opt for something rusty and plan a whimsically wedding, or focus on a warm blend for a more romantic effect. The mysterious shades of autumn will surely help you create a magical setting and background for your reception. The first month of fall is actually a transitory month between the warmth of summer and the iciness of winter. September weddings are the most beautiful. You can choose a blend of muted earth tones and bright flashes for a more eye-catchy and sophisticated theme. Besides the richness of colors, the texture is also very important in modern weddings planned in fall. To enhance the beauty of your autumnal tones, we suggest you use velvet, lace, burlap and satin. These fabrics are elegant and unique for an autumnal wedding. You can choose a cream & chocolate brown color theme and focus on lace accents.

Colors Of A Modern Fall Wedding

Colors Of A Modern Fall Wedding (Photo by: DaMongMan)

A chocolate velvet texture can make a fabulous background for a rich and classy atmosphere. We like fall weddings because they are based on a strong imposing colors and sweetish pastel accents. Muted colors are very popular for fall weddings of today. Dark tones are no exception either. Mocha, coffee and maroon are common selections for fall wedding backgrounds based on sage green, mustard yellow or even blush pink. Burgundy, rusty red, auberigine and plum are fabulous color choices for autumnal affairs, especially those booked for a vineyard venue. Wine themes are phenomenally beautiful, romantic and enjoyable. If you care for something more luxurious, use gold and other metallics, like bronze, copper, pewter, slate or platinum. You can make sweet and soft combinations used a metallic base and blush nuances. The green palette is very rich in suggestions as well: olive, forest, meadow, sage, hunter, cmao and olive green. Khaki and light gray are other unique recommendations in this sense.

Colors Of A Modern Fall Wedding

Colors Of A Modern Fall Wedding (Photo by: Sakeeb Sabakka)

We have a few color mix ideas for those who prefer something original and less popular for their fall wedding: coral and sage, chocolate brown and teal, turquoise and gold, plum and gold, etc. The bold and eccentric look is ideal for 2012 fall weddings. At this chapter you can play with jewel tones. Emerald green, crimson, royal blue, violet, navy blue and orange are just a few examples in this regard. These shades can be beautifully used for the bridesmaids’ outfits. You can use special colored lights if you’re outdoors to enhance the natural beauty of the leaves and trees. For your bouquet you can use a color combo based on goldenrod and forest green, or sunshine yellow against burgundy. Yellow and brown are great for September weddings.


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