Chinese Inspired Wedding Flower Arrangements

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The traditional white wedding theme is not the only one that can be followed today in obtaining a successful reception. There are so many inspirational currents, motifs and gorgeous color schemes that the modern bride can choose from in planning the wedding in her manner or in a more original and remarkable way! For example, bold brides who want something more dramatic and imposing can opt for a Halloween theme, for a Gothic or a punk rock dark theme!

On the other hand, the classy bride can plan a chic and glamorous old fashion antique themed wedding in a retro vibe. Brides who enjoy spending time in nature will perhaps fee more attracted to the idea of organizing a fabulous fresh and inviting wedding in a country side or in a western theme. Our example for this article is the Chinese theme, and for this we are going to offer you few examples of accessories, decorative items and flower arrangements that you can use for planning such as spectacular and original wedding. It seems that more and more contemporary couples from every corner of the world are interested in the Chinese culture.

More or less related to it, brides and grooms worldwide decide to plan their wedding in a gorgeous and sublime Asian, Japanese or Chinese style. We must personally admit that these themes are very elegant and delicate, perfect for romantic couples in general. In the images below we though to present you a few of our favorite types of Chinese inspired wedding flower arrangements that we found on the Internet and might be more or less useful or inspiring for planning your own wedding flower decorations. The Chinese culture is one of the vastest richest one in color, decorative ideas and beautiful arrangements for weddings or for important events in general. The predominant colors that Chinese people recognize in their social and cultural life are: red, green, black and blue.

Each of these nuances has its own meaning or significance in China. For example, red is the majestic color that stands for fire, power, strength, wealth, happiness and fortune at it is associated with the sun, yellow is the nuance of the earth, green is the color for water (of jade) and it is considered the luckiest one of all, black is the protective color, while the blue stands for heavens and wisdom. You are free to use any of these lovely colors in composing your own Chinese inspired wedding flower arrangements as you wish.

You can make clever combinations and obtain a more provocative and perhaps meaningful color palette. As for the flowers, our recommendations are: orchids or peony. The Chinese culture also recognizes the peony, the narcissus, the citron, the chrysanthemum or the hydrangea flowers as significant flowers that are usually used in all kinds of ceremonies, rituals and decorations. If you want something more delicate, soft and feminine, you can use the pink cherry blossom flower and plan a more Asian theme for the wedding!1

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