Chevron Wedding Ideas

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One of the most impressive & expressive prints of all times – the chevron print is back in trend. This style was very common in home interior and now it seems that it is back in fashion. And when we say “fashion” we mean weddings. Weddings and fashion are like synonyms nowadays! This is how creative, aesthetical and creative wedding affairs have become. The chevron print is very sought-after by our couples today. They are crazy about this style because it is very bold and powerful. It can make a big impact on a wedding scene and on the guests.

This pattern allows beautiful colors to pop out and add more brightness and cheerfulness to a wedding. These affairs are supposed to be joyous events and this is why we think that the chevron theme is just perfect for this job! Your wedding will look and feel effortlessly beautiful and cheerful with a chevron theme. We’ve seen this print incorporated everywhere in a wedding, starting from the stationery and invitations and ending up with the table runners and the wedding cake. Even the bride can choose a chevron type of embroidery for her wedding dress!

Chevron Wedding Ideas (Source:

Chevron Wedding Ideas (Source:

This look is so expressive, elegant and unique that you don’t even need to cross the limit of your budget to create an outstanding expensive set for your guests. The chevron print is based on a zig zag pattern. This is what makes it so eye-catchy and original. You can be sure that this print can make up for any décor and color-scheme. The most exciting thing of all is that you can play with any color combo! The classic design features two shades. White is often one of them. White and yellow, white and blue, white and green – these are only a few popular examples in this sense.

Chevron Wedding Ideas (Source:

Chevron Wedding Ideas (Source:

If you don’t want anything too standard or static you can choose another hue instead of white. However, white adds more elegance and freshness to the palette. And the chevron pattern looks even more refreshing, clean and stylish when featuring white. We adore this pattern because it adds an unexpected splash of clever coloring to a wedding. The colors are usually equally proportioned and this is why this print can look so dashing and chic in a wedding. It can suit semi-formal affairs. But if you’re using it in black and white or other elegant colors you can also incorporate it in a formal reception.

Chevron Wedding Ideas (Source:

Chevron Wedding Ideas (Source:

Choose the colors to suit your favorite palette and your wedding theme. This pattern will surely make you feel a little bit more modern. This pattern is not traditional but urban and contemporary. We enjoy very much the clean lines that compose this pattern and the way it adds a modern twist to a wedding. You can use soft hues for a classic wedding or bold colors for a preppy festive affair. It all depends on the effect you want to create on your wedding day. Check out these photos to get inspired for your wedding!


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