Calla Lily Wedding Cakes

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When deciding upon the most adequate decoration for your wedding cake you must consider the theme and formality of your wedding. If you’re having a formal and dramatic wedding, you should choose an elegant and smooth cake beautified in a stylish way. The contrary, if you’re planning a casual outdoors wedding, you can choose a simpler design inspired by the beauty of the season and nature. One best way to adorn a cake and obtain guaranteed good results is by flowers. There is no other safe decorative item or accessory to use for the decoration of a cake than flowers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using fresh, fake or edible flowers. It doesn’t even matter if you’re choosing petals, blooms, buds, vines or branches for the tiers. The important thing is to use a floral theme that fits the wedding style and formality. Among the most beautiful types of flowers that can suit the formality and elegance of as wedding we mention calla lilies. These blooms look very stylish and unique although they are so popular among wedding flowers. There is no better way to enhance their gorgeous look than by inserting them in your wedding dessert. There are many options when it comes to calla lily wedding cakes. You can find designs with real, crafty or edible blooms. After all, the exterior aspect is the one that counts in the end. But if you want your cake to taste as good as it looks you can use edible calla lily blooms.

Calla Lily Wedding Cakes (Source:

Calla Lily Wedding Cakes (Source:

These flowers are a great way to celebrate a spring or summertime wedding. Calla lilies are a classic choice for delicate brides who want something simple yet sophisticated. These flowers look dashing and too beautiful to ignore for a wedding. They feature a simple and slender silhouette and a sleek shape that can suit different types of elegant affairs. Calla lilies are great flower choices for wedding cakes because they are easy to work with and re-create from gum, sugar paste or fondant. You can create different calla lily shapes and sizes, according to your own preferences. These blooms look amazing on different types of cakes, regardless of their shape, size, color or frosting. The most popular calla lily cakes are those designed in a smooth clean elegant way. If you have a favorite pattern in mind you would like to follow for your wedding, discuss about the details you like with the baker or cake decorator.

Calla Lily Wedding Cakes (Source:

Calla Lily Wedding Cakes (Source:

But before deciding on anything we suggest you browse through different galleries of calla lily wedding cakes and choose a style that suits your wedding, your taste and your wedding budget. If you’re having a multi-tier cake design, use the cascading style. Or, for a simpler yet chic look, place a few calla lilies on the top of the cake. Use seasonal blooms for a fresher look or gum paste lilies for a more delicious and tasteful effect. Calla lilies are great for all-white weddings but they also look amazing in colorful designs.


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