Buttercream Wedding Cakes

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Finding the right design for a wedding cake is easy. The myriad of options available today can suit any type of wedding budget or couple’s preferences. The look of the cake plays a big part in a wedding, because it is the main point of attraction of the entire evening. If the bride’s dress manages to captivate the attention of the guests during the ceremony, the cake is the highlight of the party. However, the exterior of the cake should find its way in a delicious interior. Your attendees will always remember an outstanding beautiful cake, but they will never forget a tasteless confection.

So, finding the most adequate flavor for your cake is actually the big challenge. The world is full of unique designs to choose from, but the taste of your cake is a more delicate issue to solve in time. The most delicious type of filling for a cake is buttercream. You can also use buttercream to cover the tiers and to create different decorations. Our cake designers like to work with buttercream because of its fluffy rich texture, but they prefer fondant or other smooth coverings for they are easier to work with. However, buttercream wedding cakes are very popular and the designs that feature this frosting are also common in our cake creators’ portfolios. The options available for these types of cakes are numberless.

Buttercream Wedding Cakes (Source: bridesmaidsandweddings.com)

Buttercream Wedding Cakes (Source: bridesmaidsandweddings.com)

The creamy texture of buttercream and its sweet taste makes this frosting ideal for any type of wedding cake. To help you make yourself a realistic image of the buttercream frosting we should expose its qualities in relation to fondant. Buttercream is the favorite frosting among many American couples and cake designers. However, fondant is also very trendy and common. While fondant is matter and smoother, buttercream is rather fuzzier and richer. Fondant is preferred by so many makers because it is malleable and ideal for soft finishes and intricate designs. You can use rolled fondant to cover a buttercream cake and solve the dilemma. You should keep in mind that fondant is for cake decoration, while buttercream is for the taste of your cake. Those who want to serve their invitees something sweet, rich and healthful usually choose buttercream over fondant for their cake.

Buttercream Wedding Cakes (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

Buttercream Wedding Cakes (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

The taste of a buttercream wedding cake is superior, but the most important quality is the affordable price. Compared to fondant, marzipan and other cake frostings, buttercream is more economical. The most popular designs for buttercream wedding cakes are those based on piping and swirling techniques. You can choose from the following patterns or themes: basketwaves, piped dots, flowers, scroll design, lattice, vine or branch piping, swags, heart patterns, geometrical shapes and banding. You can use fresh flowers and ribbons to create the topper of the cake. Use a few fondant elements for the décor to make the cake look more attractive. If you dislike fondant, use rolled chocolate, royal icing or gumpaste. One thing to pay attention to is that buttercream cakes should be kept under low temperatures.


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