Brides In Lingerie

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If you’ve been chosen to be the maid of honor of your best friend you will most likely have to organize a memorable and funny bridal shower. For that event you should consider using a lingerie theme because such a theme will give the bride the opportunity to have fun while choosing sexy and fun clothing items for her honeymoon. In order to create the right party ambiance for such a lingerie shower you will have to keep in mind a few useful advices.

Brides In Lingerie

Brides In Lingerie (Photo by: tracey r)

You should start by choosing the right place for your lingerie party which can be a private venue or the bride’s home. You should also think about ordering suitable bridal shower invitations. To make such purchases you should visit the various websites that specialize in party stationary or buy supplies that will allow you to create the invitations on your own. You should look especially for lingerie-inspired options that include in the background items such as a corset, a bra or panties. If you decide to go for the simpler type of invitation you will have to announce the theme of the party by using words instead of images. For instance, you can always include a phrase like “Join us for a party that will dress up the bride in silk and lace” and make it very clear that she is in need of special lingerie for her honeymoon. Don’t forget to add a piece of lace to each one of these plain invitations in order to make them more suitable for the chosen theme.

Such a bridal shower also needs the right type of foods and drinks. You should purchase cookies shaped like lingerie items and even a large cake that reminds of a corset or a bra. If you possess baking skills you can even make these cookies all by yourself. You should also prepare some elegant plates filled with bite-sized pieces of cheese, gourmet crackers and fruits. As drinks, you should serve fancy beverages and juices. You should even remember to buy lingerie-themed plates, napkins and decorations.

Brides In Lingerie

Brides In Lingerie (Photo by: ceng design)

If the bride plans to offer some souvenirs to her lingerie bridal shower guests you should consider suggesting heart shaped silk sachets filled with fragrant potpourri. You will also have to make sure the bride and her guests stay entertained throughout the entire party, so you should organize some lingerie related games. For instance, you should ask two of the guests to record or write down, the future bride’s reactions as she opens the gifts received. Commonly, the bride has reactions like “This is lovely” or “I love this color” when she sees a sexy and beautiful piece of lingerie. After she finishes unwrapping gifts you should replay or read the comments of the bride as phrases that can be used to describe her upcoming wedding night. She will definitely enjoy the trick. Another pretty interesting lingerie related game involves packing various lingerie items into a suitcase and asking the bride to try them on. The catch is that she will have to put them on while blindfolded so she won’t be able to actually see the items in question.  


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