Brides Getting Dressed

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When it comes to finding the right wedding dress for your big day, things become complicated due to the huge selection of gowns available on the market. Each of these dresses catches the attention with one-of-a-kind styles, fine materials and gorgeous embellishments, making your final decision quite difficult to take. If you are interested in staying away from the traditional white dress and looking for some bold shades I already have in mind quite a few helpful tips and advices.

Brides Getting Dressed

Brides Getting Dressed (Photo by: Chris Waits)

First of all, when you choose the color of your wedding dress you should keep in mind to focus on the colors that compliment your skin color. By making sure you choose the right color you will tremendously influence the impact of your appearance. For instance, you should go for a light orange wedding dress if you have a slightly tanned skin. In the same time you should choose an outstanding strapless dress which impresses with a modern design based on a tight bodice and a ball gown skirt with a ruffled and layered look. All it’s left to do is add a few gold jewels and matching sandals or shoes.

Secondly you should factor in your wedding theme and the main colors chosen for your event. Focus on finding a wedding dress color that matches the color scheme while placing your appearance in the spotlight. That means you don’t need to hunt down a dress that matches the tablecloths picked for the reception or the dresses that the bridesmaids will wear. You will just have to select a shade related to the wedding that in the same time can make you look unique. For instance, if you decide to use fuschia as main color for your wedding dress you should consider selecting for your bridesmaids a light pink outfit.

Another aspect that you shouldn’t overlook when it comes to the dress choosing process refers to the wedding’s season and location. Fashion designers agree that if you are getting married in the summer, on a beach, you should think about buying a light wedding dress colored in lilac, light pink or yellow. On the other hand, if you are planning a Christmas wedding you should opt for a gown in bold colors. You can also consider choosing a gown that reflects your personality or a specific state of mind. For instance, choosing a red wedding dress usually expresses boldness while a black gown reflects style and sophistication. In the same time a pink wedding dress is usually used to express a romantic state of mind, a green outfit reflects optimism and a blue gown symbolizes tranquility and peace.

Brides Getting Dressed

Brides Getting Dressed (Photo by: Michelle Yao)

Last, but not least, no matter what color seems interesting enough to wear on a wedding day, before choosing it you should make sure you are comfortable with it. The right outfit starts with the right color and the right outfit will always give a bride the confidence that makes her beautiful. After you decide about the color and the style of the dress you will be able to complete the look by simply adding some jewelry and a delicate bouquet.


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