Bride Oops

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On your wedding day you want everything to be perfect, but sometimes small “disasters” still occur. That’s why you need to be prepared for every possible worst case scenario that comes to mind. Such thinking will help you to keep your smile on your face and quickly forget about your bridal oops in order to be able to enjoy the special day you’ve been thinking about your entire life. To help you easily deal with all the possible troubles that you might have to face on your wedding day you should keep in mind a few tips and advices.

Bride Oops

Bride Oops (Photo by: Logan Ingalls)

First of all, on this special day you should have with you a fully-equipped wedding day kit, so that you can solve any possible problem. According to specialists, a bride should start by including in her wedding day kit Vaseline which will keep your lips away from your teeth when you are nervous or dehydrated. That kit should also be enriched with a Miss Oops Rescue Sponge for the unpleasant situations when powder or deodorant marks become visible on your wedding dress. Another must-have item that you shouldn’t forget about is the useful mishap tape which is the perfect solution for fixing a hem that continues to come out or a strap which won’t stay on your shoulder. Remind yourself to also purchase some hand lotion and a hair spray that can prove helpful when it comes to keeping your wedding day look fresh.

Secondly, you should avoid panicking if on the morning of your wedding you notice a pimple on your forehead. I know that your first thought is to pop it, but that’s not the wisest action because the resulting swelling can prove to be an even bigger problem. The better solution is to wash your face and try to cover up the pimple by using bronzer and some powder and blush.

If somehow you manage to spill something on your wedding dress or someone else becomes responsible for the dress’s staining, you should prevent yourself from acting like something bad has happened and immediately remove the stain. It isn’t necessary to become hysterical and start yelling at the person who stained the dress. A rescue sponge will get the dress dry in no time and will remove the stain so effectively that no mark will be noticeable. Just make sure you don’t forget to place one of these sponges in your handbag, so that you can start using it within seconds.

Bride Oops

Bride Oops (Photo by: melalouise)

Some brides also have trouble when it comes to holding the gown in place because, after all, a wedding dress is pretty large. To deal with such issues you can choose to wear a bra under your dress, but sometimes this isn’t the best solution, especially if you’ve bought a form fitting dress. In such a situation the solution is represented by chicken cutlets wisely added to your dress. You can easily keep these chicken cutlets in place by using double-sided Mishap Tape.

Bottom line, the unexpected and unpleasant situations that can affect your wedding day look can be easily dealt with as long as you consider and complete the above-mentioned preparation steps. 


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