Bride Getting Dressed

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To get dressed on your wedding day, you need to follow a process that involves various steps designed to help you look absolutely perfect and enjoy memorable hours without facing any unexpected “surprises”. That day, after months of stressful planning, you are only a few hours away from walking down the aisle. To make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by last minute details and the fatigue accumulated during months of planning you need to make sure you get a good night sleep just before your wedding day. Here are a few steps that will help you complete the getting dressed ritual with ease.

Bride Getting Dressed

Bride Getting Dressed (Photo by: Georgie Johnson)

After you open your eyes, the most important thing that you need to do is to eat a good breakfast which will help you feel strong and capable of going through the day’s events.  By eating as early as possible you will give the food a chance to settle. However, if you aren’t so sure about eating a rich breakfast, you should opt for something light like a muffin, some toast or a yogurt. Any bride has plenty of emotions on her wedding day, so to calm down you should also take a shower or a bath. You should add in the water scented bath oils and salts. After such a relaxing bath you should do your makeup and your hair before actually slipping into your bridal gown. To make sure you have enough time to get ready for your big day you should start the preparations with two hours before the wedding ceremony. If you want to also take some formal pictures before the ceremony you should start the entire getting dressed process even earlier.

Bride Getting Dressed

Bride Getting Dressed (Photo by: jepoycamboy)

What you should also do before getting the dress on is get the shoes on your feet (of course after getting on your underwear and garter). Because the wedding dress needs to look clean and without wrinkles you should keep it covered and placed on a hanger until time’s up and you need to get it on. As we all know, a wedding dress isn’t a simple piece of clothing. That’s why, to make sure you will manage to get into it easily, you should ask your mother or the maid of honor to help you with the dress’s buttons or zipper closure. You should also have your aid arrange the dress. If you need to slip the gown over your head you should cover your hair and face with a scarf to avoid destroying your hairstyle or covering your dress in makeup smudges. After the gown is on you should start walking around in order to make sure everything is comfortably in place. Just make sure you keep the gown away from possible accidents by lifting it off the ground while walking. If you need some last minute makeup arrangements you should cover your dress with a towel to make sure you don’t stain it. I also recommend you to take a look in the mirror after the look is complete in order to make sure you’re satisfied. You should also imagine yourself waking down the aisle in order to build up your confidence.


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