Bride Cleavage

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Considering that the wedding day is supposed to be a beautiful and exciting day in the life of woman, you will most likely try hard to ensure the perfection of each wedding item starting with the food and the flowers and ending with your sophisticated dress. The right dress is probably hardest to choose because you need to factor in various details such as the type of cleavage. The golden rule advises brides to go for the cleavage that matches their personality and makes them feel confident and beautiful. However, you can definitely not choose the right cleavage if you are not aware of the main types available.

Bride Cleavage

Bride Cleavage (Photo by: Michelle Yao)

One of the cleavage types that are worth mentioning is the square neckline also known as the French neckline. This type of cleavage comes with a rectangular shape and is designed to embrace a woman’s bust. Usually, this cleavage is frequently seen on Empire style gowns and works perfectly for the brides who have a short waist and a short chest. This type of cleavage manages to highlight the chest area and hide the hips.

The halter neckline is another stylish type of cleavage that can be described as being buttoned to the neck while the back, the shoulders and the arms are completely exposed. This cleavage is suitable for the brides interested in hiding their big chest. It’s the best way to redefine your curves in order to obtain a very sexy silhouette.

Another catchy bridal cleavage that you should look for in a dream wedding dress is the bateau neckline. This cleavage style is actually a high neckline cut to form a straight line from one shoulder to the other on both sides of the dress. It’s considered one of the most elegant and discreet cleavages available, designed to ensure a balanced appearance.

Bride Cleavage

Bride Cleavage (Photo by: CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK)

Suitable for the brides with a wide neck, the V-neckline is another interesting cleavage style which impresses with its peak form. This neckline also leaves the shoulders completely bare and adds more style and elegance to your neck. Another quite popular cleavage frequently chosen by brides is the so called strapless neckline which works with any style of skirt. This cleavage is simple and goes below the shoulders, under the armpit. It’s usually dedicated to future brides who have a large bust.

If you are a tall and thin bride who also has a goose neck you should definitely choose the so called cleavage of heart. This cleavage adds a more romantic and flattering touch to your bridal appearance and has a heart shape which ends near the breast line. This neckline isn’t suitable for a petite bride with a plump neck.

You should also give it a try to the illusion neckline which has become quite popular in recent years. This cleavage works perfectly for a slim woman with narrow shoulders and impresses with its shape that usually ends in a heart-shaped bustier. This illusion neckline covers the entire top area, reaching the beginning of the neck. 

Having all this information at disposal you can now choose for your wedding dress a cleavage that’s suitable for your figure.


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