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Tell me what season you will marry, to tell you what type of bouquet to create for your wedding. Choosing flowers for the bride’s bouquet is not at all… a piece of cake.

In order to help you make a beautiful bride’s bouquet, here are some flowers from all the four seasons and their significance.

It is best for you to have a bride’s bouquet with fresh seasonable flowers, but if that is not possible, you should know that many florists can order flowers from abroad and create a bride’s bouquet according to your own taste.

  • Spring – from March to May

– Tulips express power and passion. Try a bouquet of white and lilac buds, with many leaves on the edge.

– Hyacinth suggests stability. You can choose between the white, the color of vanilla, pink, lilac, blue etc.

– Peonies are associated with shyness, that feeling which never disappears from a happy relationship. Opt for proper semi-fresh picked buds.

– Freesia flowers represent innocence. Whites work perfectly in a bunch; as for the yellow ones, you can associate them with the same color flowers: roses, gerbera, callas. The darker the color is, the stronger the flavor will be.

– White lilac is a symbol of freshness, while flowers are associated with deep feelings. You can choose to put it into a combination of pink and blue hyacinths.

– Violets are the flowers of confidence, modesty and sincerity, the basic principles of a marriage. You can also decorate the wedding cake with them because they are edible.

– Iris is associated with faith and wisdom, and your bouquet would look great if you slip few yellow roses between the blue irises.

  • Summer – from June to August

– Roses are the flowers of love and passion, and they can be integrated into any arrangement, giving it elegance. For added style, associate them with wire vine (a symbol of friendship and loyalty).

- Lilies, flowers pride and purity, can form a single bunch, but they can be placed between roses, tulips and orchids.

– Sunflower symbolizes the triumph of love and works well in bouquets of field flowers, but also in yellow or purple flower arrangements.

– Water lilies are flowers expressing purity and femininity, they survive very well, and a bouquet made of these flowers looks incredibly well.

  • Autumn – from September to November

– Chrysanthemums are the flowers of joy and truth, and can be found in different bright . You can make a bouquet or you can combine them with colorful flowers in order to create contrasting bouquets.

– Callas show purity of love, beauty and pride, and bouquets of white or yellow track are fascinating. Tie them with a silver ribbon, white, yellow, or large leaves.

– Dahlias are lucky flowers and the bouquets created from them can look sensational. You can include them between fall flowers, but due to their beautiful colors, just a bunch of dahlias will be fascinating.

– Begonia is the flower that symbolizes care and attention. The advantage is that these flowers can be combined or they can stay alone as a rich bouquet.

  • Winter – from December to February

– Amaryllis, the flower pride, is very close to the lily, but is much more special and resistant, both in a bouquet, and in arrangements placed on the tables. It looks great when it is combined with with roses.

– Orchids, the symbol of love, beauty, fertility and luxury are highly requested by brides, due to their appearance, to their strength and to the multitude of species and colors that all look quite amazing.

– Gerbera, the flower of “diplomacy”, is available in many colors but mostly in shade. It looks great with roses, callas and orchids.1

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