Bride And Groom Penguins

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If you decide to organize a cute penguin inspired wedding you should know that finding the right decorations and paper stationery for your whimsical event will be a fun and easy task. That’s because many specialized retailers which operate in the wedding industry provide an unlimited variety of penguin-based products. Usually, the penguin themed wedding is a popular option among the couples willing to get married in January. However, it’s also often chosen by couples who love these beautiful birds known to stand for loyalty and endless love between partners.

Bride And Groom Penguins

Bride And Groom Penguins (Photo by: axinar)

One of the first wedding products that you should target for your penguin-inspired wedding is a proper invitation. Fortunately, specialized retailers like make available more than one invitation based on cute bride and groom penguins. On the mentioned site all the penguin-inspired invitations are created from quality paper and designed to impress with a certain size and style. Besides wedding invitations the website is also able to offer wedding stickers, response and reception cards, and table and thank you cards which are all powered by amazingly drawn penguins dressed in wedding outfits. You should also know that doesn’t stop at supplying this theme only with paper-based products. You will also discover a variety of t-shirts, hats and mugs that can be personalized and wrapped in elegant gift bags or boxes. That’s how you turn them into the perfect wedding favors.

The market is even home for plenty of decorations that use as inspiration penguins and are perfect for a January wedding. For instance, you should combine snow and ice with penguin figurines in order to obtain impressive centerpieces. You should also use ice sculptures or crystal decorations that display penguins in certain postures. Those postures can be chosen so that they add a funny or sophisticated touch to the décor. You should even consider placing personalized bride and groom penguin ornaments all around the room or offering them as wedding favors. Such penguin ornaments are sold in many shapes and color combinations and can be customized by adding to their design your names and/or wedding date. They are perfect to use as Christmas decorations, so your guests will be able to yearly use them.

Bride And Groom Penguins

Bride And Groom Penguins (Photo by: laylaflower)

Don’t forget to use penguin inspiration for the wedding cake’s design as well as for the table where it will be placed. A talented baker in your area should be able to create various penguin-inspired decorations and add them to a wintery decor. You will also have to carefully look for a cake topper. Fortunately, bride and groom penguin toppers don’t lack so sticking to the theme chosen won’t be difficult. For instance, you should check out the collectible bride and groom figurine available on the penguin-place website for around $30. This beautiful wedding cake topper was hand crafted by an Italian artist and measures 3 ½ inches. Made of solid Alabaster, this figurine displays a happy penguin couple wearing their wedding outfits. They look very realistic, so your romantic and whimsical wedding theme will definitely benefit from their presence on your wedding cake.


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