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Weddings emphasize the culture, customs and tradition of the place where they are held and also the personality of the bride and groom. Brazil features a large set of customs and traditions which make brides organize extravagant events, full of fun and entertainment. Brazilian weddings are a mixture between the local culture and Christian traditions, which gives them the authentic spirit that makes them stand out.

Brazilian brides use their imagination and creativity to create weddings that are bursting in color and beauty. Though the wedding is thoroughly planned in advance, the event still preserves some elements which are subject of ingenuity and suspense. Take for example the wedding preparations, which are always thought over and over again by European brides. Would any European bride decide her bridesmaids with less than three months in advance? Would she accept not to know exactly what they will be wearing in her special day? In most of the cases brides choose the bridesmaids’ dresses and bouquets themselves, thus it can be derived how important it is to them to have everything planned from the most visible elements to the least important details.


Brazilian Bride (Source: 

Brazilian Bride (Source:

At a Brazilian wedding the atmosphere is much detached, as during the ceremony the bride and groom are mainly interested in following the customs and at the party they want to have fun with the invitees. The groom arrives at the church before his bride, who usually comes after ten minutes, in this way complying with the tradition of not seeing her spouse before the ceremony. Then the bridesmaids and groomsmen are chosen, usually three bridesmaids and three groomsmen. The spouses exchange vows and wedding rings and the bride’s wedding band is engraved with her partner’s name and the groom’s ring is engraved with the bride’s name. There is a well-known belief in Brazil, which says that if either of the rings is dropped during the ceremony, the wedding has no chance to last and the two partners will end the relationship very soon. In Brazil, engaged people wear their engagement rings on their right hands, but when they marry they have to wear the rings on their left hands. As for the attire, Brazilian brides follow the custom of wearing a borrowed wedding dress, which must be white and should be matched with golden shoes. So, they usually don’t purchase a dress especially for this occasion and opt instead for renting it from a bridal shop. The groom should see his bride’s dress for the first time at the ceremony; otherwise it is supposed to bring bad luck.


Brazilian Bride (Source: 

Brazilian Bride (Source:

Carnival festival can be sources of inspiration that help the bride see how vibrant hues can be mixed and matched. The decorations should include pops of bold colors such as teal, purple, orange and fuchsia and the abundance of tropical flowers is a must at a stylish and modern wedding reception. Also, cocktails containing ingredients like tropical fruits, strawberries, peaches and coconuts delight the invitees.The main elements of Brazilian wedding receptions are food, drinks and music, with the latter part being stressed. Samba and a variation known as pagoda entertain the guests until the end of reception and make these receptions fun and unique.


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