Blumarine Sposa Wedding Dresses

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We have returned with new charming wedding gowns created by Blumarine Sposa for one of the most famous and beloved Italian fashion group Bellantuono. So this is the second article that we have on this subject on our website and if you want to see the rest of the styles available in this collection you know where to look for.

Blumarine Sposa wedding dresses from

Blumarine Sposa wedding dresses from

On the other hand, if you’re curious to see other designs created by Bellantuono you should visit their official website. They have a myriad of fashionable bridal collections that you can browse in search of the perfect wedding dress for your wedding. These designers are among the most beloved and popular in Italy and all over the world for their exquisite, simplistic and elevated gowns that they create especially for the contemporary brides who want something high class and dainty for their wedding.

Blumarine Sposa wedding dresses from

Blumarine Sposa wedding dresses from

There is very chic about the dresses released by these couturiers, something versatile and coquette that can captivate the attention and win the hearts of many women. We personally recommend the V-neck and strapped designs to those who are planning their wedding later in life, as well as to those who are getting married for the second time. As we said above, there is something very elegant, stylish and prestigious about these Blumarine Sposa wedding dresses that would fit perfectly the preferences and expectations of the mature brides. Anyway, there are many models in this superb collection that can also make attractive choices for the younger brides.

Blumarine Sposa wedding dresses from

Blumarine Sposa wedding dresses from

It all depends on the type of wedding each one of you is planning and also on the type of look you’ve envisioned for yourself: dramatic, contemporary, classic, casual, formal, natural, etc. The good news is that these impressive gowns have a little bit of everything! They are ultra dainty and feminine, high class and romantic, simple and clean, comfortable and sophisticated, fluid and extravagant, natural and dramatic.

Blumarine Sposa wedding dresses from

Blumarine Sposa wedding dresses from

The clean delicate lines, the natural cuts and the subtle innovative details made for the fabrics are simply gorgeous! The simplicity of the style is the one that makes these creations look so inviting, attractive and flattering. Bellantuono always released charming bridal collections that contain all kinds of refined wedding dresses based on a simple modern cut or pattern. We adore the ingenious drapes and pleats made for the bodices and skirts because they manage to add more richness and texture to the simple white silhouettes.

The contemporary and classic style make a wonderful pair or braid together and we can observe that this technique of combining the old and the new in a wedding dress is very popular or often adopted by different designers of today. Those of you who are not really into the strapless style can choose from the chic and elegant Blumarine Sposa wedding dresses made with spaghetti straps or with a deep V-neck cut. Choosing one of these impeccable gowns means offering yourself a fashionable and simply sensational look for your wedding! A look that surely no one will forget easily!



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