Blue & Green Wedding Colors

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We continue our journey among the trendiest color-schemes promoted for modern weddings with a terrific theme inspired by an ocean tonality: green and blue. Everybody seems to be into beach weddings nowadays and this is why our designers are excited about releasing new color ideas for these types of affairs. The seaside flair is unique and it can suit any type of wedding. However, the green and blue can be interpreted in many ways. They are not just the colors of the beach. They can also be seen as colors of nature-inspired weddings.

If you’re having an outdoors party, then this theme might suit you and your wedding very well. Nevertheless, you should choose the exact shades of blue and green according to the wedding venue and seasons. Let the specific f the venue and the tonality of the season to help you put together a unique color mix for the décor. Colors have a great power on a wedding and they are able to create a big impact if used with cleverness and style. Don’t underestimate the potential of your colors, but invest in a more impressive and eye-catchy combo to obtain original results. Everybody wants to plan a distinctive wedding and differentiate their look from other couples.

Blue & Green Wedding Colors (Source:

Blue & Green Wedding Colors (Source:

The best way to plan a unique wedding is to follow your own style. Don’t stray very far from your personality and taste in beauty and fashion. Keep close to your favorite colors and motifs and try to design your own dream wedding. The blue and green are the perfect matches for a seaside, exotic, eco-friendly or green themed weddings. But come to think of it, you don’t need a strong reason to adopt this color combination for a wedding. If you like the vibrancy of this mix and you think it can make your wedding look fresh and feel refreshing, then you shouldn’t hesitate.

Blue & Green Wedding Colors (Source:

Blue & Green Wedding Colors (Source:

Blue reflects the natural beauty of the skies and seas, while green mirrors the luxurious surroundings of a beach or natural open space. Green is very thick and bushy-like when used alone. But when combined with blue it looks more elegant, fun and chic. This color palette is genial and it creates a very natural, light and warm effect. Besides this, it is appealing and unique without falling heavy on the eye, bur soft and pleasing. To make the setting feel even more elegant and classy, add a few splashes of white. This nuance will balance the scheme and make it more unified. Blue is the color of peach, while green is the color of energy.

Blue & Green Wedding Colors (Source:

Blue & Green Wedding Colors (Source:

This is why they go so perfectly well together. Peaceful yet dynamic, tranquil yet vivid, this color combo is very clever and versatile. You can find green and blue in various derived shades. For instance, if you’re having a destination beach wedding, choose from turquoise, aqua blue, deep teal and navy. Complete the theme with matching shades of olive green, emerald or sea green. Add a few touches of cobalt, latte or buttery yellow.


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