Black and Yellow Wedding Flowers

Posted in: Wedding Flowers by admin | November 16th 2010 | 2 comments

Are you looking for a more eye-catchy and unique theme for your wedding? Well, perhaps we found it for you! Check out these fabulous black and yellow wedding flowers pictured below on this page and tell us what you think about this wild color scheme. Would you use it in your wedding or at least consider it for your wedding bouquet? We personally think that every bride has to free her mind of all the preconceived notions about the perfect wedding – that in most cases should not be planned in a different color than white.

It would be wonderful if you could just break away from all the etiquette and wedding codes that prevent you from planning the wedding of your dreams. Keep your options open in order to embrace more colors, more types of flowers and accessories that you have never really considered before to be suitable for a wedding.

Nowadays there is a different way of classifying a perfect wedding or a whole new view on what a successful wedding should look like. We are not trying to convince you of walking on a path where you don’t feel comfortable at all, but encouraging you to escape from all the patterns and traditions that might keep you away from the real creativity and sense of fashion and beauty that lies somewhere in you. The black and yellow theme is definitely not for everybody, or at least not for conservative brides who want the classy kind of wedding. Unfortunately, they don’t know how elegant, stylish and classy this unusual theme can look in a wedding!

Examine closely these images and browse for more on the Internet in order to achieve a better view and a better understanding on what a black and white wedding theme actually means. We recommend this whimsically sensual color scheme for all brides who are planning an evening wedding or a highly elegant and fancy wedding in a more expensive and exquisite venue. The black nuance will tone down the stridency of the yellow color and bring more equilibrium, refinement and drama to the whole wedding atmosphere. Yellow is the color that stands for cheerfulness, happiness and enthusiasm, while black can be related to anything that is somber, theatrical, sleek or qualitative.

There aren’t too many types of natural flowers that come in the black hue, but we are sure you can work something out with the existing possibilities. Brides who are planning a dark themed wedding usually use black magic roses or plum/burgundy calla lilies. You can also give it a try with burgundy aubergine dahlias, gerbera daises or anemones. For you black and yellow wedding flower bouquet and decor arrangements to look complete or simply more glamorous use a few sparkling items, a few branches, black feathers or other jewelries and thematic accessories that you can find.1

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