Beyonce And Jay Z Wedding Photos

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Celebrity weddings are usually organized and held in secret so not many pictures get the chance to be seen by the general public. Such a secret event was the wedding day of Beyonce and Jay Z which took place in New York. It actually took years for us to get a look at some of their wedding photos.

Beyonce And Jay Z Wedding Photos

Beyonce And Jay Z Wedding Photos (Photo by: Maegan Tintari)

For instance, in 2011 the pop star decided to make available a video that shows her trying on her wedding dress. The outfit designed by Beyonce’s mother is part of a montage that was released using the video network known as VEVO. The video is pretty exciting because it shows a Beyonce with no makeup that just like any other bride is excited to try on the beautiful strapless wedding dress that she has chosen for her big day. Even the dress’s train was captured. One look at that sophisticated dress is all it takes to realize that the wedding held in secrecy in April of 2008 was definitely an extravagant event. Attending it were around 200 guests, the list including famous names like Kanye West, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Hudson and Usher. As expected, family members didn’t lack either, having the chance to enjoy an exquisite reception on the beautifully arranged terrace part of the Tribeca penthouse owned by Jay Z.

This video that was released in 2011 by Beyonce also put the focus on some childhood memories of the star, her awards and her very first steps in the industry. Fans who decided to watch this video also had the chance to listen to a few words that Beyonce added at the beginning of the clip in order to explain her fans its significance. It seems that the video captures her progress over the years, culminating with the exciting day when she got to try on her wedding dress.

If you have seen the video I was describing but you weren’t very impressed with it, you should know that the pop star also released some wedding pictures in April of 2012 when the couple was getting ready to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary. At the time it was a surprising decision because the couple is well known for always keeping a secret all the details of their private life. Apparently, they decided to impress their fans with such a gesture, because the number four has a special signification for them. You can even see it tattooed on one of their fingers. Moreover, it seems that it was even used as inspiration for the name of their child (IV-Y Blue). Not to mention that Beyonce has actually released an album entitled “4”.

Beyonce And Jay Z Wedding Photos

Beyonce And Jay Z Wedding Photos (Photo by: S Pakhrin)

The wedding photos promised by Beyonce and Jay Z were posted on the Tumblr page that the star had just created and are actually part of the private collection of the couple. For instance, one of the photos shows them enjoying their honeymoon surrounded by a beautiful landscape. So, if you are interested in viewing photos from the wedding of Jay Z and Beyonce all you have to do is launch a Google search and wait to be rewarded with interesting results.


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