Best Wedding Color Schemes For Summer 2013

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The colors chosen for your wedding represent one of the most important decisions that you need to take during the wedding planning process. No matter, if it’s about dresses or wedding flowers, linens or wedding invitations, the palette of colors chosen counts just as much. Fortunately, if you are planning your wedding as a summer event it will be quite easy to come up with an astonishing combination because, this season, there is a wide variety of colors that you can use. Here are some of the most incredible and fresh color combinations that are considered suitable for a memorable 2013 wedding.

I will start by mentioning blush, which is actually a muted pink tone. It’s not the first time this color is in the attention of brides but this year it has managed to conquer the spotlight. Many brides tend to choose blush as their wedding color because it’s a versatile and neutral shade. It’s also pretty feminine without being too girly and can be combined with a wide variety of colors for adding a romantic touch to a stylish event. A quite bold and spectacular choice for a memorable and original 2013 wedding is to combine blush with purples or pinks. You can also opt for creating a rustic and natural wedding décor using blush combined with various shades of green and gold. You will manage to obtain a dramatic and classic wedding décor by pairing blush with black or grey. So, don’t hesitate to choose blush dresses for your bridesmaids and stylish bouquets based on pale pink roses. For your reception tables, you can choose blush tablecloths paired with gold cutlery and blush floral centerpieces.

Best Wedding Color Schemes For Summer 2013

Best Wedding Color Schemes For Summer 2013 (Photo by: Tela Chhe)

Lilac is another trendy wedding color scheme in 2013. What’s impressive about this color is that it provides a color pop without being overpowering. By combining lilac with greenery, you will be able to create stunning and elegant floral arrangements, which will definitely catch the attention. Many brides also mix lilac with other purples in order to obtain a monochromatic wedding color scheme or a so-called ombre effect. You should also know that lilac is a bright and fun color able to add a touch of softness and class to any event.

Last, but not least, the hottest 2013 wedding color scheme worth considering is mint. Even if it’s been recommended especially for spring weddings, this summer it manages to be just as popular. It’s a beautiful color suitable for adding to your dream wedding a touch of freshness and modernity. Usually, this color is the right choice for an unconventional bride who doesn’t want to seem too bold. You can pair this blue-green color with gold or silver and create a spectacular décor. If you prefer something more daring, you should add to mint decors coral accents. For instance, your reception tables will definitely look amazing covered in mint tablecloths adorned with white floral patterns. In addition, mint and gold plates paired with gold cutlery will add a bit of glamour to any reception table. You should also chose small centerpieces filled with green hydrangeas, white garden roses and succulents.

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