Average Cost Of A Wedding In 2013

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When starting to plan a wedding, one of the first things you need to think about is the budget that you are willing to spend. It’s important to be as accurate as possible about that budget from the very beginning because otherwise you risk getting into too much debt. One way to make sure the accuracy level involved is pretty high is to take into consideration the average amounts that couples tend to spend on their wedding. So, let’s see how much money have people spent in 2012 when their weddings and on what they spent it.

The studies conducted in the field have revealed that in 2012 couples have restarted to spend quite a lot on their wedding. That’s how the average cost has come to amount around $28,000. So, if you are getting married this year, you should definitely try to make available a budget over $20,000, especially if you are interested in inviting quite a few guests. The most expensive weddings occurred in 2012 in Manhattan, where the average involved a cost of $76,000, and in areas like Chicago, Santa Barbara and Boston.

Average Cost Of A Wedding In 2013

Average Cost Of A Wedding In 2013 (Photo by: Werner Vermaak)

What’s also interesting to highlight is that the extra money that couples have restarted to spend on their wedding after the recent economic crisis have been dedicated mostly to the guest department. That means the cost per guest has managed to increase by $10, reaching an average of $204. Couples have also started to provide means of transportation for their guests and take more interest in before and after wedding events such as rehearsal diners and brunches held the morning after the wedding. What has also increased in popularity is the type of wedding organized as a three-day weekend event. That’s mostly because modern couples have friends and family members all across the US, so they need to find some common ground. To prove that they are really ready to splurge, some couples have also taken interest in taking the entertainment options at their wedding to the next level. As a result, they added to the usual DJs and bands, photo booths and caricature artists.

What the average cost mentioned hasn’t taken into consideration is the honeymoon that most couples like to enjoy after the wedding. That means you will have to add to that average $28,000, the amount of money that you are willing to spend on the perfect honeymoon. Fortunately, nowadays, travel agencies make available all sorts of packages that allow you to enjoy a stress-free honeymoon without spending a fortune. At the same time, there is more than one method that you can use in order to make a honeymoon affordable. You should start by booking ahead, try to find packages especially created for newlyweds, consider a destination wedding and target especially the packages defined as all-inclusive because they tend to involve serious discounts. Another advantage of all-inclusive packages is that they also include the activities that are available in the area, so if you are really busy you won’t have to reserve special time for planning the trip. You can also save money by opting for a shorter honeymoon.

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