August Wedding Colors

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When getting married in the hottest month of the year, couples have no other choice but to choose fiery colors for their wedding. August is one of the warmest and boldest months of the year. And it is also perhaps the most popular when it comes to weddings and parties. Summer is the period when wedding bloom. The weather is warm, the sun is shining and the nature is all green. However, many brides and grooms prefer the spring season because it is slightly more enjoyable in terms of weather and nature. It all depends on the theme or effect you want to create on your big day.

If you like the pastel shades and the freshness of the revitalized nature, choose spring. But if you want to go exotic, choose the August month because it reflects perfectly well the beauty of the tropics. When it comes to summer weddings, the colors play a very important role in the décor. It’s essential to play with bold tones that can add more vibrancy and reflect the specific of the month. August colors are trendy not only for summer but also for other seasonal affairs. You can use for example the pink, orange and yellow palettes in summer for autumn and even for winter weddings! Now you are free to adopt an exotic theme even for a cold season celebration.

August Wedding Colors (Source:

August Wedding Colors (Source:

No one can stop you from having the wedding of your dreams just because it’s not “formally” appropriate. The colors you pick for your wedding should reflect the season and your own style. It’s important to creating your special stamp of color on your big day. And we recommend the cheerful colors that can add even more happiness to this special day. You just can’t go wrong with vivid tones! This month is very generous in unique colors and derived shades that you can choose from for a wedding. Versatile and sophisticated, the exuberance of August colors can help anyone create a fabulous décor for an outdoors wedding. The color-scheme you pick must match the wedding theme, the wedding locale and your own taste.

August Wedding Colors (Source:

August Wedding Colors (Source:

You can get inspired from a certain traditional pattern or from a flower. Yellow daises make a great example in this sense. August is on the brink of fall, but it is still viewed as a summer month. Nevertheless, the color choices range from fiery hues to cooler dramatic mixes. The orange explosion is a big trend in weddings nowadays. You can explore this palette and select from peachy pinks to tangerines, pumpkin oranges, mango, dark salmon, Terra Cotta and sunset oranges. Yellow is another crazy idea for a happy memorable wedding day.

August Wedding Colors (Source:

August Wedding Colors (Source:

You can get inspired from the vibrancy of yellow sunflowers, citrus, dandelion, marigolds, saffron and goldenrod. Pale pastel yellow shades are more adequate for spring. The brown palette is also ideal for a late summer wedding. Choose from the following mixes: cinnamon and orange, dark brown and ivory, chocolate brown and champagne or beige, black brown and ice blue.


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