Aqua Blue Wedding Centerpieces

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For destination brides or couples who are planning a superb wedding at the seaside or anywhere else on a beach or near the ocean should definitely take a look at these precious and divine aqua blue wedding centerpieces we’ve posted below in these images. We adore beach themed weddings especially because the happy bride has the chance to use more vibrant, eye-catchy and exotic colors. We are convinced that many of you will find the aqua blue color theme one of the most beautiful, inspiring and sensual of all, after seeing closely these superb flower arrangements we’ve posted here.

This nuance is definitely one of the most impressive, eye-catchy and romantic of all colors that are available for beach inspired weddings, although we must admit that few brides or couples decide to incorporate this color in their wedding. And the reasons are usually related to the fact that the palette of flower choices that are available in the aqua blue color is not very generous. But who said that you have to use exclusively blue flowers for composing a beautiful centerpiece that features the theme we’re talking about? You can always decide to use any other type of accessory or decorative element that comes in the aqua blue color and have the centerpieces ready and done!

Aqua Blue Wedding Centerpieces

Aqua Blue Wedding Centerpieces from

We recommend all brides who are planning a gorgeous beach wedding and want to use the aqua blue color to look for all kinds of vases or recipients that can be found in this color. This way you can use any type of flower you want, in any color that can match the aqua blue theme and still have your centerpieces looking superb! As you can see in these images, the aqua blue color was incorporated in the centerpieces through bottles, vases, glasses, bowls and other artistic and unique recipients that can make the arrangements look absolutely divine and charming!

Aqua Blue Wedding Centerpieces

Aqua Blue Wedding Centerpieces from

Now, you must find the right colors for the flowers that can look beautiful next to the blue nuances of the recipients. The aqua blue color is also referred to as the teal or the turquoise theme. Specialists in field recommend the yellow, green, purple, red and pink colors for an aqua blue or turquoise theme, although you can use any other nuances that you think can fit the type of wedding you’re planning. In our opinion, the lovely aqua blue looks absolutely charming and exotic when used next to shades of orange, black, white, gold, bronze or pearl gray and brown.

Aqua Blue Wedding Centerpieces

Aqua Blue Wedding Centerpieces from

However, there are still a few types of fresh and natural blue flowers that you can incorporate in your fabulous aqua blue wedding centerpieces, such as the teal orchids, the delicate delphiniums, pansies, gerberas, tulips and carnations. You can also compose a gorgeous aqua blue wedding flower décor using blue roses. Combine different types of flower blooms in two different colors (the aqua blue and the other complementary or contrasting nuance) in order to obtain a more diversified, rich and sophisticated effect.1

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