Amaryllis Wedding Flowers

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For the modern type of brides who are searching for the perfect flower to use in her unique wedding bouquet perhaps these gorgeous amaryllises can make a wonderful and more original selection. On our website you will be able to find lots of interesting articles on various modern and classic types of wedding flower bouquets and arrangements that we think it can inspire you in choosing, designing or creating your own fabulous wedding arrangements.

So, if you want to see more beautiful types of flower bouquets that can help you plan a fascinating and more eye-catchy wedding perhaps you should check out our entire article collection on our website. In this article we though to present you a few of our favorite types of amaryllis wedding flower bouquets that we found on the internet and see what your reactions or responses are on these ones. We personally think that amaryllises are among the most enchanting, romantic, elegant and sumptuous types of flowers that are there to choose for a wedding and this is why we recommend them to all contemporary brides who are planning a more unique and distinctive type of wedding whenever we have the chance to do it.

Amaryllis Wedding Flowers

Amaryllis Wedding Flowers from

Those who are sick and tired of hearing about roses wedding bouquets should definitely take into consideration this fabulous alternative of wedding bouquets containing amaryllises. These precious blooms can be found in lots of elegant colors that can suit any type of wedding. The most popular ones are white, cream, red, orange and yellow. You should know that the red amaryllises are usually chosen by winter season brides who are planning a radiant holiday themed wedding or a rich Christmas inspired wedding.

Amaryllis Wedding Flowers

Amaryllis Wedding Flowers from

However, we think that these pretty flowers can be used in all kinds of casual outdoors reception decorations because they are versatile and easy to work with. They can look fabulously well and inspiring in both natural touch bouquets and classy dramatic large arrangements. It all depends on the exact type of wedding you’re planning: casual or formal, traditional or modern, simple or sophisticated. In case you are going on a nature inspired wedding somewhere in a garden, park or even on an open filed location perhaps you should use only a few stems of amaryllises and tie them up with a colored ribbon.

Amaryllis Wedding Flowers

Amaryllis Wedding Flowers from

The natural touch nosegay or posy hand tied styles are the most adequate ones for these types of informal ceremonies and receptions. Those of you who are planning something more extravagant and grandiose can use the amaryllises in taller vases and recipients in order to obtain a more imposing and eye-catchy type of high class arrangement. You don’t even have to combine them with other types of flowers because their ruffled multi lavish blooms per stem are able to create a rich and abundant bouquet on their own. However, if you do want to obtain a more diversified and dramatic effect you can use a few stems of roses, peonies, tulips or ranunculuses. We are looking forward to hear your opinions and suggestions on these gorgeous amaryllis wedding flower bouquets we’ve proposed you here.1

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3 Responses to Amaryllis Wedding Flowers

  1. Jennie says:

    I love love love the first bouquet shown with the white amaryllis!! I am using this as a model for my bridal bouquet so thank you so much for sharing!! my wedding is in April, and my florist is telling me it might be tricky to get, but I REALLY hope he can!! Otherwise I might just order the bulbs and plant them myself!!

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  2. Beautiful wedding bouquets! I love it!

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