Alternatives To Wedding Rings

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It’s customary for the guy to propose his fiancé with an engagement ring. In most cases, it is a diamond based ring in a unique box. Modern couples prefer to shop for the wedding rings together and make similar choices. It’s also traditional to be diamond rings. But those who want something more unique and rather different than the usual can consider wedding ring alternatives. Believe it or not, there are many brides and grooms out there who prefer to have a tattooed ring on their finger than to wear the real thing!

This is just an example of just how different you can go. Break tradition and choose something trendier instead if you are not completely satisfied with the popular ring options. There are many ways to do this without regrets. Those who have decided to renounce at the classic diamond ring and wear something else are in general offbeat couples, bold brides and grooms who live an unconventional life. These guys just can’t have regrets for getting a tattooed wedding ring on their finger! Wear something to symbolize your commitment and special relationship but without the look of the classic ring. You should feel free to make this choice as personal as you wish. Feel free to pick your own jewelry according to your vision and lifestyle.

Alternatives To Wedding Rings

Alternatives To Wedding Rings (Photo by: Jewels Globe)

Each couple and relationship is unique and different. This is precisely why experts in field encourage our brides and grooms to follow their own dreams and vision when making this selection. The gold wedding band is the most common choice for a man, while the solitaire diamond ring is the popular selection for women. Now, why shouldn’t you make a safe choice? There are many reasons for choosing an alternative. First of all, let us consider the price. Simple wedding bands can cost even $100 or more. The price tag of the ring depends on the type of metal and stones used. Those set with multiple diamonds are more likely to cost hundreds of dollars. An alternative wedding ring can be made of unusual metals and cost less. This doesn’t mean that they have to look cheap or plain. Besides this, they are even more significant to the couple. Let’s consider the environment factor.

Alternatives To Wedding Rings

Alternatives To Wedding Rings (Photo by: Chris Martin)

Those who live green and may wish to wear an organic ring instead of expensive brilliant stone bands. Look for eco-friendly wedding rings as a unique alternative. Consider the politics we find those who are not into blood diamonds and conflict diamond sales. Another thing to take into consideration when it comes to alternative rings is the profession and type of life the couple is living. Those involved in dangerous activities usually stray from buying elaborated diamond rings that can be easily damaged. Doctors, mechanics and actors may also be unable to wear classic wedding rings. Now, alternatives are to consider wood wedding rings, mokume gane wedding rings, multi-tone rings and even mineral rings based on coral, jade or hematite. Recycled material rings are ideal for ecological couples. Consider old heirloom rings.


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