Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Collection

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This dazzling collection that we’re presenting here was created especially for those who are lucky to be getting married during the romantic fall season. We must admit that these sensational gowns designed by Allure Bridals for 2011 are among the most sensual and irresistible pieces we’ve seen so far in an autumn bridal collection.


These models are breathtakingly beautiful and seductive. They can make the perfect fit for those who want the perfect allure for their wedding! The tight bodices and skirts, the molded lines and the bold cuts envisioned for these dresses are the key elements of this Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Collection, the elements that add sensuality and originality to the bride’s look. If you always wanted to look hot and trendy on your wedding, then Allure Bridals is the best designer for you.

Atlanta Bride (source:

Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Collection (source:

Their sexy outfits are bale to reach the highest expectations that a modern woman can have and offer her more than she could possibly wish for her wedding. These glamorous gown masterpieces look like they are meant to fulfill even the most hidden and secret desires of a contemporary bride. They are dramatic and edgy in cuts and profiles and exquisitely feminine and rich in details.

Atlanta Bride (source:

Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Collection (source:

The dazzling embroideries and embellishments used for the entire surface of these dresses are mind blowing! Anyone can fall for these dresses only because of these marvelous beads, crystals and jewel patterns applied on these silhouettes, no doubt about it! We believe that these models do justice to the fall season and fit its richness and deep romanticism perfectly!

Atlanta Bride (source:

Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Collection (source:

We are positively sure that those who will find these superb gowns on our website will become even more excited with their wedding and their fanciful look! These are those types of ravishingly beautiful wedding dresses that can make a bride feel and look extremely unique, special and precious. You wouldn’t want to take your Allure Bridals wedding dress off at the end of the wedding! Due to the timeless elegance, refinement and opulence of the designs, we believe that these pieces can also fit the summer or the winter time weddings.

Atlanta Bride (source:

Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Collection (source:

We also recommend this stunning Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Collection to both young and mature brides. There is something modern and classic about the cuts and the lines that make us believe that these gowns can fit both the contemporary and the vintage (or classical) brides. Allure Bridals is one of the most successful and popular bridal brands that create highly glamorous, high class and highly elaborated wedding dresses for the contemporary brides who want something form-fitted and figure-flattering.

Atlanta Bride (source:

Allure Bridals 2011 Fall Collection (source:

The beadworks and the sexy curves designed for these pieces go perfectly well together, forming an irresistible type of silhouette. Men will love you and women will hate you when they will see you in one of these sensuous and luxurious gowns! Bold, provocative and a bit voluptuous – but in a nice and flattering way, these creations are for the modern independent brides who are willing to assume a more eye-catchy and unconventionally sexy look for their wedding.


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