3 Tier Heart-Shaped Wedding Cakes

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This article is for brides & grooms who are thinking of planning a classic wedding reception and need something elegant to fit the cake ceremony. Formal yet romantic in the same time, a heart-shaped wedding cake might make a fine and inspired choice, don’t you think? We truly believe the heart shape can make an adorable selection for a classy celebration. It’s true that not many couples of today are drawn to the classic style, but there are still many cases when the two lovers prefer something more traditional-lik

The truth is that the heart shape is not very old, but not very new either. It can be chosen by both conservative and modern newlyweds. However, the difference is not in the shape but in the display of the cake. In this case, we have the 3 tier arrangement – which is a classic beauty. There are lots of creative designs for heart-shaped confections, but the three-tier style is definitely one of the most elegant and conventional in the same time. These types of showpieces are very popular for weddings. Romantic-at-heart brides and grooms can always turn to this style when they are left out of other classic ideas.

3 Tier Heart Shaped Wedding Cake (Source: perfect-wedding-day.com)

3 Tier Heart Shaped Wedding Cake (Source: perfect-wedding-day.com)

The important thing is to make sure the display of the cake is really the one you like. Going for the three-tier display is definitely something worth considered by mature couples especially. They usually prefer something relatively more gallant, decent and traditionally romantic. This variant is for conservative brides and grooms who don’t want anything too avant-garde or futuristic for their wedding. In most cases, the tiers are arranged separately, in individual forms. It’s essential at this point to find the best cake stand for the tiers.

3 Tier Heart Shaped Wedding Cake (Source: blogmarry.com)

3 Tier Heart Shaped Wedding Cake (Source: blogmarry.com)

 You can arrange the “hearts” one below the other or detailed on the table. You can admire a few beautiful examples in the photos we brought here today. Nowadays, the wedding cakes are viewed in a whole new light. They have a whole new meaning and a fresher look. Most cake makers of the moment show us that the wedding cakes are and should be art forms and therefore honored as they should. This means the 21st century couples must invest more in the design and appearance of their wedding cake. They should pay more attention to this show piece at their reception.

3 Tier Heart Shaped Wedding Cake (Source: divineweddingcakes.com)

3 Tier Heart Shaped Wedding Cake (Source: divineweddingcakes.com)

There must always be an element of distinction in the cake you display. Whether it’s the exterior or the filling of the cake, the confection has to be unique and elegantly appetizing. One can plan the cake by style or by theme, by design or by shape, by color of by flavor. But it’s recommended to find the right balance between the aspect & taste of the cake and fulfill both these requirements. Those who like heart-shaped cakes but do not wish for something that classic as the three-tier design can opt for something more modern. You can try the heart cupcakes or mini cakes.


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