1940s Wedding Hairstyles

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The vintage look is one of our modern brides’ favorite and we are very happy to see that this style is getting more and more popular. And one of the most turbulent times in history was the 1940s. Back in those days, brides and grooms got married right before the war, when men were sent off to fight, or after the war, when soldiers returned home. That was the time of pin curls and sophisticated updos.

We don’t know how many of you fancy this particular style, so we’ve decided to introduce you to it through the beautiful photos we’ve posted below. Perhaps the Joan Crawford and Ginger Rogers looks have more meaning for you. Many of the hairstyles practiced in that period often mimicked these styles.

1940s Wedding Hairstyles (Source: ukhairdressers.com)

1940s Wedding Hairstyles (Source: ukhairdressers.com)

Weddings were very formal events and the dresses very traditional: long sleeves, high necks, long veils and lace fabrics. If you are up for something “old”, readapted for a modern wedding, take a closer look at these fabulous hairstyles and see whether you can choose something similar for your own wedding. Every new fashion pretends to offer something hot and trendy.

1940s Wedding Hairstyles (Source: img3.etsystatic.com)

1940s Wedding Hairstyles (Source: img3.etsystatic.com)

But a lot of designs that are considered new today are re-runs of old-fashion styles. The wedding dress and hairstyle fields are of the greatest significance in this sense. Nevertheless, we are big fans of the versions and interpretations offered today by our designers and stylists to the old looks. Some designs are virtual copies, while others are just trendier variations. The retro style is the one you should look for when planning a ‘40s inspired wedding look.

1940s Wedding Hairstyles (Source: hairstylesdesign.tk)

1940s Wedding Hairstyles (Source: hairstylesdesign.tk)

We mention the finger waves and the bouffant styles that appeared later on during the ‘60s. The period between 1920 and 1970 is full of inedited ideas for the vintage-inspired bride who wants something original and glorious for her wedding. We adore the hairdos practiced back in those days because they are pure expressions of real glamour. You’ve noticed perhaps that the glamorous look is the trendiest nowadays in weddings, special occasions and proms.

1940s Wedding Hairstyles (Source: ruffledmedia.ruffled.netdna-cdn.com)

1940s Wedding Hairstyles (Source: ruffledmedia.ruffled.netdna-cdn.com)

The pin curls are perhaps the most troubled of all hairstyles that were popular during the 1940s. Women who have curly or straight hair can achieve this style. You can do it by separating your hair in tiny sections and then rolling them into small buns. Use bobby pins to secure them and then take a good-night sleep before the wedding. In the morning you will wake up looking curly and ready for your big day!

1940s Wedding Hairstyles (Source: sandraglynn.com.au)

1940s Wedding Hairstyles (Source: sandraglynn.com.au)

Add a barrette in your hair to obtain a chicer look. You can wear the curls down or pulled back. If you want something more popular, opt for Victory Rolls. This style is the most recognizable from that period and the easiest to achieve. You will only need some foam tube rollers and bobby pins to secure them. The Victory Rolls look fabulous when worn in a fancy updo style. Check out these hairstyles to see which one can make the best fit for your wedding and gown.


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