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We’ve shown you different types of wedding cakes planned by size and designs in our previous articles and now it’s time to share with you one of the trendiest style that we really like: single tier wedding cakes. This way of designing a cake may not seem appropriate for a wedding. 1 tier cakes are rather adequate for small parties, like birthdays, graduations or other special informal affairs. So, how can small and simple cake like this fit the amplitude and formality of a wedding? Well, the answer is very simple: because it’s trendy!

Weddings these days are not based on traditional etiquette and other formal and strict rules of the paste. This is why our modern couples prefer to go for a casual and simple wedding ceremony and reception. There is a lot of more freedom in creating a small and intimate wedding based on personalized items than to throw a pompous wedding based on elaborated and intricate stuff. The same thing is true for the cake. Grandiose cakes of seven tiers are no longer the only beautiful choice.

1 Tier Wedding Cakes (Source: media-cache-ec7.pinterest.com)

1 Tier Wedding Cakes (Source: media-cache-ec7.pinterest.com)

In fact, these styles are nowadays considered outdated or at least too traditional for the taste of the modern couple. We can see now perfect three round tiered cakes, asymmetrical 2-tiered cakes and intriguing 1 tier cakes. The designs we’re showing below are absolutely breathtaking. You can see for yourself that this simple and clean style is actually extremely fashionable and elegant. We can’t think of anything sweeter, cuter and trendier than this! Single tier wedding cakes are indeed a simple and affordable option for those who are having a small or private wedding.

1 Tier Wedding Cakes (Source: media-cache-ec3.pinterest.com)

1 Tier Wedding Cakes (Source: media-cache-ec3.pinterest.com)

On the other hand, as we said before, this style is sought-after also by those who care for something voguish and less sophisticated. If you don’t want to get things complicated, but discreet and high class, this option would definitely be the best for you. Single tiered cakes are dashing and stylish, refined and very romantic. They exude good taste, finesse and understated daintiness. Not all economical brides and grooms can go for a small cake, but also those who want to keep the pace with the latest trends in weddings. And it’s hip to bring a small cake made like this at your reception! It’s not mandatory for your single-tier cake to be simple and clean.

1 Tier Wedding Cakes (Source: media-cache-ec8.pinterest.com)

1 Tier Wedding Cakes (Source: media-cache-ec8.pinterest.com)

You can have a mini cake and a sophisticated design, no doubt about it! Check out the confection in the first picture. This is an amazing single-tier cake designed in a square shape, adorned with white pearls. The texture is ravishing and extremely elegant. This cake looks simple but in fact it is very pretentious and extravagant. The second cake is also square-shaped and also beautifully decorated with an artistic floral pattern. The last confection from here is the simplest one as it follows a perfect round-oval shape and a sleek blue ribbon at the base. We like the red flower accent and the way it was used instead of a complex topper.


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